Huey Lewis & The News at The Hermitage Club

Recently, WhiteLeaf Events presented Huey Lewis & The News to an insatiable private audience of 750 at The Hermitage Club, a private ski resort located in southern Vermont. With no shortage of hits, the band tore through a 90-minute set comprised mostly of their 19 Billboard Top 10 hits.

Huey Lewis & The News was one of the acts that rode the early ’80s wave of power pop. Songs like ‘Heart & Soul’, ‘I Want A New Drug’, and ‘The Heart of Rock & Roll’ established the band as a multi-platinum success, but it was the iconic ‘The Power of Love’, which was featured in the 1985 megablockbuster Back To The Future, that permanently cemented their status in pop culture.

Speaking with Huey after the show revealed him to be one of the most down to earth and appreciative musicians I’ve ever worked with, a rare trait in an artist who has almost 40 years of experience under their belt. I walked away from that night realizing that Huey had the heart & soul of an old bluesman. Recalling his 1984 sold-out arena tour with support from Stevie Ray Vaughan, for whom he was completely enamored of. That support slot was a huge help to the young guitar slinger from Austin, TX that few had ever heard of before. Heart of Rock & Roll? Well yes, that belongs to Huey Lewis.